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About Us


History Of The Organization


Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation which stands for compassion and service to the fellow beings. The TRUST has been registered under The Indian Trust Act and it functions to find the people suffering from poverty and illness and of course, to extend a helping hand.

The trust itself is versatile as its members are from different socio-economic backgrounds. The members include Government Employees, Professionals and Common working class who are kind enough to render their service along with taking care of their families.

Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation Trust, we use education as an empowerment tool for boys , girls and women around the globe. Through education, women and girls are able to become their own change makers.

We, alongside the many other NGOs around the nation, share the belief that gender equality is a human right. That women and girls ,boys are entitled to live with dignity, and freedom from need and fear. We believe gender equality is an essential component to advance communities and reduce poverty. Empowered men & women are able to improve the health and well-being of their families and their communities, and effectively improve the possibilities that exist for the next generation.

There remains much work to be done. Despite robust evidence that the empowerment of men & women contributes significant positive change in addressing issues of poverty, gender equality remains still unrealised in many areas of the world.

At Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation we believe in opening doors for men & women and girls, both in India and abroad. We help them to access a wider vision for their lives, and encourage them to achieve In Sep. 2005, Mr. Suresh appandu, one of the founders of Dhaya Trust, which is a non-profit organization committed towards the quality catering education to young generation living in villages to impart Job Oriented Career Education & Training to the Unemployed Youth, keeping in mind the Increasing demand for the well Trained Catering Professional in The Hospitality Industry Both in India and Abroad.


The Organization Aims To Provide Various Types Of Training


OIIC & HM Offered Following Courses

  1.  DHMCT - 2years
  2.  DHMCT - 1year
  3.  DCT       - 2years

Craft Courses In All Discipline

  1.  Food Production Management
  2.  F & B Service Management
  3.  House Keeping Management
  4.  Front Office Management


Other Running Projects


Oxford Catering Courses

  1.  Food Production General
  2.  Food & Beverage Service Management
  3.  Bakery & Confectionary
  4.  Small Scale Works

Fashion Designing Tailoring

  1.  Basic Sewing Operator
  2.  Embroidering & Designing
  3.  Aari Work

Oxford Artificial Jewel Making

Oxford Kundan Stone Craft Work

Oxford Quilling Design Work

Dhaya Trust's Beautician & Bridal Makeup Course

Dhaya Trust's Spoken English Class


Currently Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation’s oxford catering institute are running at different location that provide above all courses. Around 1500 students are learning catering in our centers through this program

All students got job opportunities after going through the Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation catering education program and have got jobs in reputed Hotels ,Restaurants & Food centres. In the coming year two more training will be started and the program will also include small scale food training.. Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation has a simple aim, it is to help children & young people and Students in our district & state to get a good education. Dhaya Trust has been working to improve education in tamilnadu(India).


Our Current Areas of Focus


Dhaya Trust currently focuses our efforts across the following areas:

  1.  Promoting the empowerment of women and girls
      Dhaya Education and Charity Foundation uses our voice publically as one of the value of empowering men,women and girls/boys. Our goals are to inspire and educate those who hear us   about the cause.

  3.  Building young men/women leaders
      We are developing the leadership potential of young men,women and girls/boys by providing mentoring, support and training to enable them to expand their   sense of self and what they can accomplish. As young women it can be hard to gain the experience needed to start on the leadership journey, and we know   how easy it can be to underestimate our individual abilities. We work alongside these women to support them on their path.
      We have been providing support in the field of poverty eradication, education support,Eye camp,Blood medical supplies, blood donation campaigns, health   camps and community medical services.


Our Vision


The ideas and ideals of Dhaya are simple. We give priority to be a support for the abandoned not on the basis of race, religion or politics, but on the basis of pure humanity and compassion.


Our Mission


To be a ray of hope in the darkness of despair. Dhaya provides help to the marginalized brethren with the most inevitable factors like food, shelter and education and Palliative care. This effort of ours brings them to the main stream of the society.


Aims and Objectives Of Dhaya Trust


  1.  To establish educational institutions , primary, secondary and undergraduate levels to provide quality education to the upcoming generation.
  2.  To provide equal opportunities for education to people from all strata of the society by providing concessions, scholarships and assistance to children from poor ,needy and deserving families.
  3.  To evolve systems of educational outreach programmes in rural and in urban areas where clusters of low income groups exist.
  4.  To establish vocational training centers aimed at empowering men and women of weaker sections of society to become self reliant, reducing their dependence on others.
  5.  To promote work-based education like Arts and Crafts, Handicrafts, Rural Artisan, Tailoring, Type-writing, Computer Software and Hardware programmes
  6.  To open and conduct Non-formal Education Centers through affiliation with suitable agencies to disseminate knowledge to farmers, housewives, school dropouts, coolies, casual laborers, etc.
  7.  To promote and conduct training in Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama;
  8.  To plan and promote Village and Community Development; To have a programme for linking children from poor families with sponsoring families /individuals/corporate to provide them food, clothes, medical care and financial assistance.
  9.  To undertake humanitarian social works during natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, earthquakes etc.
  10.  To create awareness among the rural population on our Honourable Prime Minister’s SWACHH BHARAT scheme and motivate the public to build and use toilets and avoid open air defecation.
  11.  To reduce unemployment problem, conduct Job Melas in rural areas and reach the unreached.
  12.  To create awareness on and reduce the problem of bonded labour and child labour;
  13.  To establish and run Reading Rooms and subscribe journals and books.
  14.  To promote National Integration and International Understanding;
  15.  To open and run homes for the physically handicapped and mentally retarded people and train them in certain vocations so that they become economically independent;
  16.  To create a general awareness on local, state-wide, national and international happenings, organize periodical lectures, seminars, symposia, debates, competitions, cultural events, sports and games, etc.;
  17.  To create awareness regarding the scientific basis of schizophrenia and to erase the social stigma associated with the disease.
  18.  To conduct campaign ,training programmes, seminars, symposia etc. and to participate in them either in or outside of state.
  19.  To start social engineering centers aimed at (a) establishing a social order based on equality, justice and love (b) establishing income generating and productive enterprises such as Agriculture, Apiculture, Horticulture, pisciculture, floriculture, vermiculture, poultry, dairy, small scale business, enterprises etc
  20.  To establish child welfare centers including crèche for children of working women.
  21.  To establish and disseminate in print, in electronic media, on internet etc. literature related to the Trust’s objectives.
  22.  To create funds by obtaining donations either in cash or in kind( movable /immovable) collection of deposits and interest free loans from the public or from banks or other financial institutions for the furtherance of the objects of the trust.
  23.  To establish and run orphanages,blind schools for poor and helpless children especially of those from families affected by mental illness.
  24.  To see that the objects of the trust are performed smoothly and regularly.


Our Infrastructure Of The Office




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